Infiniti spot to showcase the all-new Infiniti QX80 and QX60, an experience to 'feel infinitely you'.
Throughout the various Infiniti spots, I was responsible for the animation, layout, Spanish edits, and adaptation to different aspect ratios. In the creation of our animation, we used a combination of multiple animation processes to ensure a premium aesthetic that aligns with the premium feel of the brand. The use of vibrant colors from the edit provided not only captures attention but also establishes a visual language that resonates with the brand identity. Additionally, strategic blurs and fades were seamlessly integrated throughout the animation, adding a layer of sophistication and elevating the overall execution.
Infiniti Alternative Spots
17 Bose Speakers and Way Back
Infiniti Work of Art
English and Spanish
Social Aspect Ratios
Client: Infiniti
Studio: Sarofsky
Creative Director: Duarte Elvas
Producer: Will Townsend
2D Design/Animator: Lirio Ramirez, Davis Chu, Andrew Eaton
Style Development: Davis Chu, Lirio Ramirez