Sarofsky was awarded the project of designing and animating the Main Title Sequence, End Crawl and Post-Credit Scene for Guardians of the Galaxy 3. 

My role in this project involved editing and building extended images for Mollie Davis and Nik Braatz to incorporate into the end crawl scenes. As we approached the finalization of the End Crawl, my responsibilities then shifted to the layout and animation for the Post-Credit Scene. After presenting multiple layout options for client approval, the chosen animation and layout is the one shown above. This was an amazing opportunity to be apart of from start to finish. 
Client: Marvel Studios
Director: James Gunn
Executive Creative Director: Erin Sarofsky
Executive Producer: Steven Anderson
Creative Lead: Duarte Elvas
Producer: Dylan Ptak                                                                                                                
Designers: Matthew Nowak, Mollie Davis, Nik Braatz, Lirio Ramirez, Tony Agliata, Sarah Kopke
End Crawl Typesetting: Exceptional Minds
Editor: Fred Raskin
Assistant Editors: Todd Busch, Jeffery Steinkamp
Post Supervisor: Jasmine Kosovic
VFX Production Manager: Danielle Carney
Music by: Radiohead "Creep"