Grand Crew S1 is a comedy show from writer/producer/director Phil Augusta Jackson unfolds the tales of a close-knit group of friends navigating the highs and lows of life and love within a local Silver Lake wine bar.
To capture the complex and multi-dimensional emotions of the friends, I used a layered collage style throughout the sequence. Utilizing vibrant and eclectic colors, an array of textures, and overlapping layers, the design sought to playfully convey the complexity of the characters. Photography was a vital tool to showcase the vibrant essence of the show's setting—Silver Lake, Los Angeles—renowned for its eclectic blocks adorned with street art, indie music venues, and trendy bars. I was responsible for the style frames, logo design, animation, and type layout throughout. 
Grand Crew Season 2
After the success of Season 1, NBC came back to Sarofksy for the opening of Season 2. The modifications to the Title Sequence were minimal, mainly involving the removal of Grasie Mercedes' credit and her wine bottle, as she wouldn't be returning for the new season.
Client: NBC Universal
Studio: Sarofsky
Creative Directors: Erin Sarofsky, Duarte Elvas
Producer: Kelsey Hynes 
 2D Design/Animator: Lirio Ramirez
3D Design/Animator: Ryan Bechtel 
Style Development: Lirio Ramirez
Theme Music Composer: Phil Augusta Jackson