In the early months of 2023 Absolut came to us to create animated text to celebrate The World of Absolut Cocktails. We developed versatile spots tailored to the North American and UK markets, each featuring multiple aspect ratios.
To capture the lively and energetic atmosphere of the cocktail party, I employed outlined bottles and text, creating a pulsating effect that highlighted the characters within their respective settings. Following with a short bio animating on screen to accentuating the unique traits of each character. The consistent type animation was then integrated with corresponding cinemagraphs, employing Absolut's branded colors to generate a blossoming pulse using the iconic Absolut bottle and showcasing the specific vodka used in each drink. I was responsible for the style ideation, type layout, animation, motion tracking, and adapting our main spot to alternative aspect ratios.
UK Absolut Cocktails Spot
Absolut Cinemagraphs
Client: Absolut
Studio: Sarofsky
Creative Director: Stefan Draht
Producer: Will Townsend                                                                                                                
 2D Design/Animator: Lirio Ramirez, Mollie Davis, Travis Hawthorne
Style Development: Lirio Ramirez